Reaper update

Вышла новая версия Reaper – 4.30

Что нового?
+ License: REAPER evaluation period is now 60 days
+ About: fixed usage statistics being reset when switching between 32/64 bit
+ Actions: option to stop playback at end of loop
+ API: added PreventUIRefresh which allows scripts/plugins to disable and reenable many UI updates during processing
+ Crossfade editor: activates for selected items that are adjacent or overlapping
+ Crossfade editor: crossfades can be constrained to be equal gain or equal power
+ Crossfade editor: default mouse modifier, double-click on crossfade to open/close editor
+ Crossfade editor: new dialog for editing various parameters of crossfades
+ Crossfade editor: themeable colors for active fades
+ Cursors: new cursors for resizing the extended mixer (extmix_resize, extmix_multiresize, extmix_allresize, extmix_section_resize, extmix_multisection_resize, extmix_allsection_resize)
+ Cursors: support for colors in custom cursor images
+ DDP: fixed MD5 generation on OSX 64
+ Fades/crossfades: new S-curve fade shape
+ Fades/crossfades: changing crossfade shape via right-click menu affects all selected crossfades
+ Fades/crossfades: default crossfade shape is equal power (existing projects are unchanged)
+ Fades/crossfades: fade curvature can be edited via mouse modifier, media item properties, or crossfade editor
+ Fades/crossfades: new cursors for fade/crossfade curvature, crossfade width adjustment
+ FX: improved threadsafety in certain instances
+ Grouping: doubleclicking track vol/pan/width labels now resets using grouping/ganging
+ Grouping: improved volume fader grouping behavior when some faders are at -inf
+ Item mouse hit zones: allow mouse to target buttons and fades even if another media item is overlapping
+ Item mouse hit zones: mouse targets the fade curve by default (can be disabled in preferences)
+ Item mouse hit zones: option to always show fade-in/fade-out handles
+ JS: improved font display on win32
+ JS: reduced fx initialization interrupting audio
+ LAME: support loading LAME DLLs from UserPlugins path, improved prompting
+ MIDI inline editor: fixed buttons when zoomed in
+ MIDI: fixed items that would not play in certain rounding instances
+ Mouse modifiers: added behavior to move item contents and ripple adjacent items
+ Mouse modifiers: new action to adjust length of two fades keeping intersection point constant
+ Mouse modifiers: new context for fade intersections
+ Mouse modifiers: support optional snapping for all fade/crossfade behaviors
+ OSC: fixed FX parameter feedback for inactive tracks
+ OSX: fix for render-drag problems with external drives
+ OSX: and now have signatures for OSX 10.8
+ OSX: render-drag to a new file outside of REAPER (commdand+opt by default) prompts before overwriting an existing file
+ Pan: track pan value can be manually entered in track controls dialog
+ Pans: manually entered values like “R50” and “L25” are accepted, in addition to “50%R” and “25%L”
+ Project bay: fixed loading of bays in certain instances
+ Project save: support for adding multiple project versions to rpp-bak files, choosing version on load
+ ReaControlMIDI: automation support for enabling/disabling bank/program select and CC sliders
+ Render: fixed saving render presets in different categories (bounds, output, all settings)
+ ReWire: further improved shutdown/device unload sequence to better handle panels that prompt before exiting
+ Routing windows: space passes through to main actions, for keyboard navigation use shift+space
+ Sends: volume/pan values can be manually entered in I/O dialog
+ Snap to grid: don’t snap to grid lines that are more than 1/4 screen width away
+ Tempo envelope: more consistent behavior when adding/deleting tempo markers when project timebase is beats
+ Toolbars: fixed crash when using certain strings as custom toolbar button text
+ Video: improved rendering accuracy near end of render when using resampling
+ VST: fixed audioMasterTempoAt accuracy in certain instances
+ Windows: installers now have authenticode signatures