I tried making music in 1995, when I didn’t had a computer yet, just with two tape-recorders and one synthesizer. In 1998 I got my first PC and became acquainted with Fast Tracker II, so I made my first completed hardcore track. Later, since 2001, I moved on to Acid Pro, then Logic Audio, opened for myself VST format — but all of this mostly was just an amusement. Nevertheless, it contributed to the development of skills of working with sound on computer, forming musical preferences and gaining the experience, and in March 2003 I created my new musical project named Liquid Blasted, oriented on hard industrial music, such as electronic hardcore, frenchcore, industrial hardcore, rhytmic noize, hard techno, breakcore, experimental. In November 2003, on a french label Goddess Of Disaster was released first Liquid Blasted’s vinyl plate, and later – a lot of next vinyl releases on many well-known recording labels on that crazy and hard music scene of Europe and USA. Tracks were also included in lot of CD-compilations. We collaborated on making b2b releases with such famous european producers as Hellfish, Matt Green, Goetia, Hardcoholics, X-Fly. I played a lot at hardcore-events in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Harkov (btw some live-sets you can listen here), appeared on FM-radio station and also on different online-radio stations. In 2010 Liquid Blasted represented Russia at the world’s biggest hardcore festival – Dominator 2010 in Netherlands. So, the project had a success, and in different countries hardcore-music fans can get to know what it is – russian hardcore 🙂 And for me it was a big honor to represent it. But, time is going, life is changing, and because the project is non-commercial, I can spend less and less of my time on it. Furthermore, personally I can not deal with just one music direction all of my life. So I can say that in the present moment my hardcore project Liquid Blasted is on “vacation”. From time to time some digital releases are coming, rare dj-sets at some Moscow gigs happen, and speaking about european gigs – last time I played in January 2012 in Zurich at TNI party (and you can check the video). But, of course, during last years most of my time I dedicate to game audio. And via links above and below you can check my works as Liquid Blasted hardcore project for the last years.