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Interview for The Harder View portal

Liquid Blasted (Sergey Ryazanov) is a hardcore artist and performer based in Russia. Liquid Blasted has been around the scene for quite a few years now and has seen releases on quality labels such as Deathchant, Psychik Genocide, IST, Hong Kong Violence and Motormouth. Liquid Blasted has produced a variety of styles related to the hardcore genre in the past which makes him one of the more unique, diverse and gifted artists the scene has to offer. Be sure to check out some of his work if you have yet to do so!

Thanks very much for the interview Sergey, The Harder View really appreciates it!

THV: Hey Sergey! Thanks for taking the time to do the interview for us. Can you tell us about a bit about yourself and when you started producing hardcore tracks?
Liquid Blasted: Hi! The first time I tried to produce electronic music in 1995, with a couple of tape-recorders and one synth. I played patterns and layered it one on the other. Also I was keen on radio electronics, and I rebuilt my synth so it could make mad distorted sounds (actually, I broke it). But all this stuff was a total shit and the quality was terrible! In 1996 I discovered hardcore music, and liked it very much. At that time hardcore was very popular in Moscow, thousands of people came to clubs, many foreign hardcore stars played there almost every month. In 1998 I finally got a computer, with Montego soundcard, and first of all I installed Fast Tracker II. Then I started to try myself in hardcore music at some basic level.

THV: Your first release was through the Noise Factory sub-label Goddess of Disaster, run by The Hardoholics. Can you tell us how this release came about?
Liquid Blasted: In 2003 I decided to create a musical project oriented mostly at Frenchcore/hardcore-industrial style. At this time I was a big fan of Micropoint, The Hardcoholics, Ingler and other great French hardcore artists. Finally I made a demo consisting of 10 tracks, and especially for this demo I created an internet-page and sent a link to The Hardcoholics, owners of the Noise Factory label. I was so happy when I got an answer from Leeloo and Will! They suggested me to make an EP for their new sublabel – Goddess Of Disaster. There Liquid Blasted would be the first artist. Of course I agreed and became to collaborate with these nice and friendly guys.

THV: You have released on numerous respected labels in the past including Psychik Genocide, Deathchant, Hong Kong Violence, Neurotoxic, Noistorm, Motormouth and Darkside Underground. Do you send demos to labels or do labels approach you about releasing with them?
Liquid Blasted: The push to it was GOD001 again. Radium liked my track from it, and it happened so that Leeloo (Hardcoholics), Radium and me had one mutual friend – Rubick, the owner of MadDog Distribution in Paris – he is from Moscow originally. He introduced me to Radium, after that I sent Radium some of my new tracks, and he liked them – so that’s the beginning of our collaboration with Audiogenic. Gradually my music became an interest for others, we contacted with them, I sent my new works, we made new releases – something like that. Music worked for me!

THV: Your tracks range from party-style Frenchcore, UK-hardcore, industrial and speedcore. Can you tell us which artists have been some of your main influences over the years?
Liquid Blasted: As I said before, a great influence on me had French “oldschool” artists, such as The Hardcoholics, Micropoint, Radium, Ingler, Androgyn Network, Manu Le Malin, also Hellfish, Napalm etc. Starting from 2005-2006 I become interested in industrial hardcore techno music – of course in the first place for me are the artists from the Industrial Strength Records, such as Lenny Dee, Armageddon Project, Peaky Pounder and Broken Rules.

THV: Do you play live sets? Do you prefer DJ or live sets?
Liquid Blasted: I play both DJ and live sets. If I’m in other town or country – I play live set of my tracks mostly, but there was a time when I played in Moscow just every month or two weeks, so to in order not to bore the same public with the same tracks everytime, I played as a DJ also.

THV: What have been some of the most memorable events you have played at in the past?
Liquid Blasted: Dominator 2010, definitely. It was the first time I came to play abroad (really, I’m a homeguy and hate travelling lol), but it was perfect, the top-high level of organization, the biggest hardcore open air in the world. Big respect to Akira who booked me for this event.

THV: Are there any artists you would like to work with in the hardcore scene in the future?
Liquid Blasted: I would like to work with a lot of my favorite artists & friends – but so far it is not realizable. Why – see below. Especially because collaboration means much greater responsibility and borders, than when you work alone.

THV: Besides hardcore, what other styles interest you?
Liquid Blasted: Last years I got attracted by no less awesome, hard and industrial styles – Rhytmic Noize, TBM, especially productions by german label Pro Noize – such artists as Shnarph!, Phosgore, Alter Der Ruine. At the same time I listen a loooot of different music – from ambient to pop music of 80s! It all depends on my mood, and in every style I have many favorite artists whom I admire.

THV: What have you got planned for Liquid Blasted in the future?
Liquid Blasted: For this moment, there is a couple of releases with a couple of Liquid Blasted tracks that will be released, I hope, soon. But currently I stopped making music for a while. The fact is, I entered the world of sound design, and now I’m working as a sound designer at one of the russian game development studios. And there is a lot of work with sound, every day. And when I return home – I just can’t see these VST-plugins anymore haha! I just want to relax and watch some movies, play some games, read a book or rss, or meet with my friends. But I hope Liquid Blasted will come back with new tracks – as soon as I reorganize my time and update my home studio.

THV: Any words for the fans?
Liquid Blasted: I wish that more and more new artists appear in the hardcore scene, with more and more of the coolest and best quality music. I wish that you people, always get a pleasure from your favorite music. From Russia with love!